The Hammock House
A video where you can meet all qualities that possesses the "Hammock House", named for its facade with peculiar form, function, structure and as the object of rest, whose use is so widespread in many countries of Latin America.
The Hammock House facade, contemporary design
The Hammock House facade, contemporary design
This house evokes the relationship with nature and the country atmosphere ideal for relaxation, rest and tranquility. The HAMMOCK HOUSE has DIVERGENT ARCHITECTURE. Professionals from Architecture Laboratory ( developed this interesting proposal dubbed as Hammock House, a house of 80m2 built on a land area of 360m2.

The name of the project was given by its final shape and structural concept that stabilizes the volume, where two parallel blocks to the extreme counterbalance the ceiling as well as the the catenary curve. The mixed structure, consisting of dry and wet work, consists of two iron frames that hold a net of 10mm rods that transmit the forces (tension), diverting and anchoring to the weight of the brick walls in the form of boxes that rest on reinforced concrete, partly on the ground and partly on a cantilever bracket supported in conjunction with the tensor above. For its part, the final cover is 100% galvanized sheet attached to the network of rods and increased in weight by hanging stones.

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