Building facades with curtain walls
Building facades with curtain walls
This impressive facade with curtain wall is from the S.P IBERMUTUAMUR BUILDING - Murcia (Spain). A construction that stands in all its complexity of lines on the eye. Sometimes, given its size and proximity of the spectator who contemplates it is impossible to perceive its volume, forcefulness and therefore perceive it as a symbol. A building without coats of arms, without emblematic arrogance or exorbitant budgets as a building that talks about the people who make the company and that they relate well with others who are not part of it. Buildings that, quietly, transcend, because charisma in the design is in those forms that survived their function. Hence, beyond the building's skyline symbol, the show building, the free avant-garde building, is the building that blends with the company that hosts and the surrounding environment, with the brand it represents. It is the building that never dies because it becomes an icon of popular ideology.

The facades and exterior design belongs to DENORTE (denorte.es). Architect designer D. Jose Maria de Isasa (Isasa-arquitectos.blogspot.com) and photography Paul G. Capistrano (pablogcapistrano.com)

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