Green house facade. Sustainable architecture on buildings. Green architecture
Green house facades. Sustainable homes

Sustainable architecture, also called green architecture, eco-architecture and environmentally conscious architecture is a way of conceiving the architectural design in a sustainable manner, seeking to use natural resources to minimize the environmental impact of buildings on the environment and its inhabitants.
Sustainable Architecture is undoubtedly the trend since 2011 when building houses.
Green Architecture reflects on meeting present necessities without compromising future generations demand, referring not only to the appropriate choice of materials and construction processes, but also the urban environment and development.

A good sustainable architecture is based on the proper management and reuse of natural resources and energy conservation. Talks about planning and social behavior, behavioral habits and changes in the usability of the buildings in order to increase its useful life.

Sustainable Architecture is based on five fundamentals:
• The ecosystem
• Energy systems (saving generation)
• Building materials
• Recycling, reduce and reuse
• Mobility

When we talk about Green Building, we mean not only savings in energy consumption, but also includes all manufacturing processes and the development of materials, transportation of them, the implementation of the work, the use of the building or demolition and the possibility of recovery of materials.


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