An alternative to paint the front of the house, is to give texture with stone cladding as in this beautiful home:
House facades made of stone
The stone is the most resistant to wear, and transit time.
House facades made of stone
The stone gives a cold feeling to the environment, so it is advisable not to abuse it.
House facades made of stone
The most rustic stone models are shown in outdoor flooring: sidewalks, decks, etc..
House facades made of stone
In terms of decor, the stones are much better in its natural finish.
House facades made of stone
House facades made of stone
The stone floors are suitable for indoor and outdoor flooring but in each case we must take into account some considerations:
House facades made of stone

- In the case of paving a balcony or terrace, the type of stone chosen should be permeable and light.
- For kitchens and bathrooms the most sophisticated stone models are more desirable.
Placement of the pavement:
- To place a stone pavement, you have first to level the floor and leave the subfloor ready.
- The placement of the socket is optional: while there are models that bring built this piece, we can leave the pavement without base making a very neat work or cut the same stone and place it without any problems.
- The stone should be sealed. To do this, use a silicone product that will protect it from stains without altering the color or texture.
- The vitrification treatment is an alternative to give a glossy or matte finish, according to preference. This treatment is similar as the one given to the wood.

Sources: blog.habitissimo.es
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